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Get a Better Mortgage

It takes more than great rates to be financially intelligent.

Let us show you a better way to borrow and achieve financial success with an individualized mortgage plan taking your lifestyle, needs and goals in mind

Mortgage Solutions

We offer a variety of range of mortgage products and services

Purchase Financing

Whether you are purchasing your first home or seeking to upgrade to a larger one, get pre-approved and know exactly how much you can afford.  We will recommend different options to save you interest on your total cost of borrowing

Investment Property Financing

Take advantage of what 90% of the world’s millionaires already know. Build your wealth and financial security using real estate.  With customized investment plans and acquisition strategies we can help you acquire your first, second or fourth rental property and show you how to manage them stress-free

Self-Employed Options

You went into business for yourself for the love of what you do and the tax advantages it offers. So why is getting a mortgage sometimes difficult? Let us help you obtain flexible, common-sense financing from lenders who understand business owners, because we are small business owners too


Your home has value.  Unlock up to 80% of your equity and make your mortgage work for you. Take advantage of better rates, create more cash flow, optimize your loan to achieve mortgage freedom faster or borrower funds for other important needs cheaply, quickly and easily.

Debt Consolidation

Making the minimum payments on your non-mortgage debt only benefits your creditor, not your wallet.  Streamline your finances, improve your cash flow and pay less interest by consolidating your higher interest debt into your mortgage at a low rate, quickly and easily

Home Renovation Financing

Not entirely happy with the look or function of your home? Imagine the possibilities and increase your home’s overall value by financing necessary improvements or additions.  We can provide a range of financing options to match your needs. Sometimes improving your home is cheaper than finding a new one

Mortgage Makeover ®

Home and fashion trends constantly evolve and so should your mortgage. Alot can happen from year-to-year…your goals, needs and life events change. That’s why it’s important to ensure you are achieving the most optimal financial savings and financial outlook with our complementary Mortgage Makeover

Build your Credit IQ ®

Unfortunate life events such as a martial separation, serious illness, business failure or job loss can happen. If your credit has suffered, it is important to know that you can still get a mortgage and achieve your financial desires, all while you build your CreditIQ. Let us show you how

Why work with Us

We make the mortgage process easy

  • No Charge to You –  Our services are free for the majority of residential mortgage transactions we work on. Like insurance professionals, mortgage brokers are paid a ‘thank you’ fee when we introduce great clients like you to a financial institution.
  • Transparency – We prefer to interact with our clients from the ‘show not tell’ mindset. This means, we are so confident in what we say we will do that we will put it in writing and keep you abreast of your file’s developments
  • We are more than just great rates – our singular goal is to show our clients how to create financial freedom and wealth on their own terms, using real estate
  • Our experience – We have successfully arranged mortgage solutions for families, first-time investors and business owners since 2006.
  • To save your time and protect your credit – Shopping around for the ‘best mortgage’ takes time and effort. You also run the risk of damaging your credit in the process. With ONE application and our industry proprietary credit bureau, we can simultaneously shop and secure you a competitive mortgage from our network of national banks, credit unions and trust companies.

About Us

There’s Power in Partnership

Clarity. Prepared. Persistent. Trusted Advice. These are just a few characteristics that distinguishes the Smart Money Moves Mortgage Team of TMG as mortgage agents of choice with their loyal clients and referral sources since 2006.

The team comprises of life and business partners, Michelle and David Watson. Entrepreneurial in spirit with interests in real estate investing and renovating have afforded them opportunities to own and manage long-term and vacation rental units locally and overseas. In turn, these opportunities provided them greater freedom to live life on their terms. It’s this freedom and financial security that drive their desire show average homeowners how to change their financial future with the purchase of just one investment property.

“Education and advocacy are at the core of what we do well. Our brand promise is to educate, not sell. “It starts by being great financial story tellers for our clients, because every situation and solution tells a story of where our clients are today and their objectives and goals for tomorrow. We do this by spending time with every customer to simplify the financial jargon, clarify their borrowing needs beyond getting a great rate, and by properly matching them with institutions that will ultimately fund their dreams” says team lead and mortgage planner, Michelle.

Through their partnership with TMG The Mortgage Group, the Smart Money Moves Mortgage Team can access and cultivate diverse lending solutions from over 30 financial institutions, banks, credit unions and trust companies across Canada. They primarily service clients in Ontario.

“Whether you are looking to buy your first home, scale your real estate investments or just need to improve your cash flow with a debt consolidation solution, we’re here to help. Mortgages can be confusing. Let us sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to!”